My Clue is: Swartz

It all started with a preteen birthday card from my paternal grandfather, the family game master. The envelope read My clue is: Swartz, a pun on my name, Michael Louis Swartz, and a recognition of my curiosity for puzzles, patterns, and problem-solving. My life has always been driven by a quizzical pursuit of knowledge intent on its eventual applicable wisdom. Knowledge is power, after all, and power is best shared!


My Clue is: Service

My passion is to provide healthy happiness to others; through interconnecting edutaining knowledge with mindful participants.  Using over 25 years of service industry instinct, an Interdisciplinary Studies degree from GVSU, a 200 RYT yoga certification, a lifetime of game playing, and the drive to assist and support others has pleasantly merged into a personalized service business where my efforts are fun and rewarding!

How may I serve you?

I have a custom set of skills that can be of service to you and/or your group. Please contact me with any questions or specific requests.